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My Window Cleaning Estimator

This tool will give you an idea of what it will cost you to have your windows cleaned. Please call me if you have any questions.
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Count Your Panes

A window pane is glass surrounded by a frame. Each individual piece of glass is counted as 1 pane. For example:

     1 pane  2 panes            3 panes
Enter number of window panes here.


Some windows have several small panes (6 inches or less) of glass in individual frames. A typical cut-up is found in French doors.

  6 cut-ups  1 pane and 3 cut-ups
Enter number of cut-ups here.

Storm Windows

A storm window is a removable pane of glass used for insulative purposes. The panes that the storm is insulating are counted as individual panes as above.

Enter number of Storm Windows here.

Window Screens

I offer screen cleaning as an optional service. For homes with 15 screens or less the charge is $20. For homes with 16 or more window screens the charge is $35 for the whole house.

Enter number of screens here.

My minimum charge for window cleaning is $85. Total ***
***Pricing does not include cleaning that requires additional razor scrapping or the use of steel wool to remove things like paint, stain and caulk. There is an additional charge for this type of labor. My insurance provider does not allow me to clean windows over 31 feet in height.

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