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Conifer, Colorado

The Clear Choice!

Bringing the great outdoors indoors!

" You live in Colorado because you enjoy the spectacular views. Don't let dirty windows come between you and those views."

Hi, I'm Geoff Landers, owner and operator of G Landers Home Services located in Conifer Colorado. I specialize in residential window cleaning and I am equipped to handle the challenges that are unique to your home whether it is in the mountains or the foothills of Denver, Colorado.

Click here to learn why I am "The Clear Choice".

Why I am The Clear Choice.

  • I am a one person operation. Your job is quoted by me and completed by me.
  • I have been cleaning residential and commercial windows for over 10 years.
  • When you hire me, you receive timely, reliable, and professional quality service from someone who cares about your satisfaction.
  • I am proud of having long term working relationships with my clients.
  • I use ladders instead of poles. (That allows me get up close to the glass so I can see the dirt.)
  • I wipe the edges of each window and dry off the sills.
  • I use drop cloths and booties when requested to keep your home clean.
  • I am insured and can provide a copy upon request.
  • I provide fast over the phone Estimates.
  • I can provide references on request and they will be happy to tell you why I am "The Clear Choice".

What some of my customers have said.

"Thank you for thinking of us and for going the extra mile to take care of our needs."  Nan from Golden, Colorado

"Geoff always is flexible with his schedule to fit me in and he does such a great job."  Norma from Bailey, Colorado

"I hope it never rains again. My windows just sparkle."  Lorna from Genesse, Colorado

"Geoff is always so fast and does the job so well and reasonably."  Chris from Conifer, Colorado

Call for a FREE Estimate 303-816-5822

I will be glad to give you a free estimate over the phone. Simply count the number of windows you have and I will give you a verbal estimate

Not sure what type of windows you have or how many panes of glass there are?

Click here to view window types.

How to Count Your Panes.

A window pane is glass surrounded by a frame. Typically, there is a piece of glass on the inside of the frame seperated by an air space for insulative purposes. Often reffered to as double pane or triple pane windows.
If you only had these three windows in your home you would have 6 panes of glass.

Another type of window has several small panes of glass in individual frames (referred to as cutouts). These may be found in french doors.

If your window looks like this you would have 6 small panes of glass.

Do you have Storm Windows?

A storm window is a removable pane of glass used for insulative purposes. Not sure if you have storms? I am just a phone call away 303-816-5822.

Window Screens Need Cleaning?

For homes with 15 screens or less the charge $20. For homes with 16 or more window screens the charge is $35 for the whole house.

FREE Online Estimator

It is always more accurate to call me for a free estimate. If you would like to get an idea of what it will cost to wash your windows before making the call, use my free online estimator.

Click here to get your free online window washing estimate.

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